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As NorthConsulting we are working with several states and cities to preserve and enhance the nature around us.


Our planet is all we have. To make the most out of it, we start with what we already got.


We transform currently useless areas into something useful, providing free recreational areas to the public.


Many things can go wrong with major projects of this size. We are offering our advice to you.


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In the recent year of 2017, we have seen tremendous growth opportunities for environmental transformation projects. 

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We provide lean advise and consulting regarding the transformation of unused rails into blooming trails for recreational use.


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Benefits of rowing

Part 3 of our series “Benefits of …” is now live. This time we will discover the health benefits of rowing. What makes it one of the best cardio exercises overall? All the answers in this quick guide for starters.

Rowing Basics

The strengths of rowing machine training have been known for some time: With this machine, an effective whole body training is possible, which makes you fit from the shoulder/neck area up to the toes! If you want to kill your bacon rolls, you should accelerate on the rowing machine! Even as a beginner it is possible to burn a lot of calories. reports that depending on the intensity of the workout, you can burn between 500- 1000 calories per hour of training on the rowing machine. So you don’t have to be a top athlete to be able to use this machine effectively for yourself.

But what makes the rowing machine training so special? Clearly – with this ergometer, the different muscle groups really get going! Almost the entire musculature is strained and demanded at the same time: Arms, legs, torso, and back must show what they’re made of. With a single movement with the rowing machine, almost the entire muscle mass of the body is stressed. In this way, your strength, endurance, and metabolism are optimized. Your cardiovascular system is also kept on the go – no other ergometer is as versatile as the rowing machine! But you need to know how to get the most out of the rowing machine

The right technique on the rowing machine needs to be learned

Correct movement is very important to prevent damage and to train in a healthy way. The more often you train with the rowing machine, the better your feeling for the general movement sequence. If you pay attention to basic details, nothing can go wrong in your training sessions.

The most important thing is to work with both arms and legs on the rowing machine. Many beginners draw their strength primarily from their arms and neglect their legs. In order to get rid of fat reserves at the buttocks and thighs, however, it is recommended that the legs are also strongly included in the trains. That’s where the strongest muscles work. The hull should always be tensioned on the individual trains – this improves the power transmission and prevents a so-called hunched back. In this way, the spine is spared and back pain is prevented. Otherwise: chest out, shoulder blades together, elbows close to the body so that forearms are horizontal. Lean your upper body slightly backward to extend the pull.

In short, start from the legs, stabilize the upper body and only bend your arms at the end. A clean technique is a basis for a long-term intensive training with the rowing machine.

It is good if you have the possibility to train in front of a big mirror in order to notice possible incorrect postures in time. If you decide to row, please make sure you are choosing a rowing machine with air or water resistance. According to the resistance type is a determining factor of the quality of a rowing machine. It also affects the feel of the rowing stroke. While air or water resistance feels natural and smooth, hydraulic or magnetic resistance machines can distribute force unevenly.

Training with the rowing machine

If you are still untrained on the rowing machine, start with slow, targeted strokes. Loose units in which you make only five minutes slow moves and a break of about two minutes are a recommended guideline. Then increase the units from training to training and increase the speed of the rowing movements. Try to keep the increase at a constant level until you continue with the next stage. This way your body can get used to the straining step by step. The rowing machine offers a mix of long, moderate units and shorter, harder interval loads. The result is an optimal mixture of fat burning and performance enhancement. So that your body can recover sufficiently after intensive training on the rowing machine, you should treat yourself to a day’s rest between the sports units. Thus you are quickly fit again to be able to steel your body further!

Wrapping it up

If you are looking for an alternative to cycling and running, rowing might be for you. While it can not be performed on one of our trails, chances are that there is a suitable lake nearby. If you want to perform your rowing training during winter, too, you will need to do it on a rowing machine. Whether you buy a rowing machine for your home or don’t shy away from regularly hitting the gym, the health benefits will be rewarding and worth your effort.

Running Benefits

Benefits of Running

“How are your knees?” I’m sure you’ve been asked that question before. But not by your doctor or physiotherapist, but by non-running friends and relatives who assume that the body is severely damaged by the impact of running and that we will very likely need artificial knee prostheses and help for our arthritic joints in old age.

Arthrosis is a non-inflammatory joint disease. It occurs when the joint cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber, is damaged. Stress-intensive movements start to hurt, and that’s why many people think that running is the way to speed up the process. And while most of us attribute it to running that heart and lungs remain healthy and the soul is happy, a prick in the ankle or stiffness in the knee give us cause to wonder whether our non-running friends are right and our joints have to endure unacceptable strain.

The fact is – and doctors confirm this: If we run sensibly – wear correctly fitted and cushioned shoes and replace them in due course, heal injuries correctly, integrate alternative training and rest days into the training plan – we are no more susceptible to osteoarthritis than normal consumers. In fact, the doubters in the background have a higher risk of developing arthrosis.

Weighing knee pain

The number one risk factor for arthritis is excessive body fat – a problem most runners don’t have! Overweight people who sit a lot are 45 percent more likely to develop arthritis than active people. “The more you weigh, the more pressure on the joints, and this seems to accelerate joint wear,” says the American arthrosis foundation. Since weight loss is one of the best ways to prevent degenerative joint disease and running is one of the best calorie killers, running units can, therefore, help to counter joint problems.

But running does not only help with weight loss. Aerobic training improves many bodily functions, including joint health. When you exercise, the cartilage in the hip, knees, and ankle is compressed and stretched. This causes more oxygen to enter the cartilage and waste products are transported away more easily. This nourishes the cartilage and keeps it healthy.

Without sufficient exercise, the cartilage cells become weak and ill. Running also strengthens the ligaments that support the joints. It keeps them more stable and makes them less susceptible to sprains and dislocations that can damage the cartilage and ultimately lead to osteoarthritis.

Favor soft ground

The same effect can also lead to patellofemoral pain syndrome, the so-called runner’s knee. This is a disease of cartilage tissue in the form of inflammation, softening and degeneration. If you neglect the strengthening of the muscles and ligaments that support the kneecap, it can shift in such a way that it causes pain and possibly arthritis.

Fortunately, all this can be avoided from the outset. First: Do not run with joint pain. Second: If possible, stay on soft surfaces when running. Third: Wear properly fitted and cushioned running shoes. And fourth, include strengthening exercises in your training program. And: Address joint problems sooner rather than later, because this will protect you from long-term damage. In addition, you can still draw your circles around your non-running friends for years.



Benefits of Cycling

So, Rail Trails are frequently used by cyclists who enjoy the smooth path. They know something you might not be aware of: The numerous benefits of cycling. Let’s dive right into the 10 most important ones.


Cycling keeps you fit! If you ride your bike for one hour at a speed of 10 to 15 mph, your body consumes a whopping 500 calories! Especially the legs and bottom are happy about the training, but also the general well-being of the body and the endurance are increased by cycling. If you cycle to work, school or university every day, you can almost save the rest of the sports programme.


Waiting for the bus? Squeezing in the subway? Such inconveniences are a thing of the past with the use of the bicycle! With the bicycle, you are completely independent of these annoying everyday complaints. In addition, you can make your way through any traffic jam. With the right rainwear, you are even independent of wind and weather.

Favorable alternative

If you have to keep an eye on your wallet, there should be nothing closer than to get on your bike. The car has many costs: depreciation, taxes, insurance, several tank loads and repairs. The use of public transport will also tear a hole in your wallet over time. Cycling, on the other hand, is completely free except for the purchase and rare maintenance costs of the vehicle!

No annoying waiting times

The waiting for bus and train is over! And even annoying traffic jams can be gallantly avoided by bike. There is probably no more maneuverable vehicle to cheat its way through the dense city traffic. While others let the blockages in traffic take their last nerve away, you simply get on your bike and find your way through the turmoil. Even a voluntary detour is fun!

Environmental friendliness

Are you concerned about the environment? Cycling is a milestone on the way to climate-conscious behavior. Leave the car and get on your bike! In this way, you can make an active contribution – in the truest sense of the word – to an environmentally friendly life. emissions that you normally cause are thus reduced many times over!


Fields, meadows, and forests are just waiting to be explored by bike! There is a lot of nature in and around Berlin that you may never have seen before. Who knows what you’re missing?! Anyone who leaves the usual paths quickly finds out that there are a lot of new things to discover. That brings us to the next point:

Discover new things

On a bicycle, you suddenly perceive the apparently familiar surroundings in a completely new way. So you can get to know new things in the most famous corners of the city all at once. The big buzzwords here are perspective and speed: those who travel too fast, for example by car, miss out on the most beautiful sides of the surroundings. The all-round view on the bike also offers a special view. The following applies: The path is the goal!


Cycling is – as soon as it is properly learned – simply fun! Many people have found a new hobby in cycling. Cycling has been back in vogue for several years! A bike tour on a sunny Sunday will convince you: Then there are flocks of cyclists who enjoy the beautiful weather and stop here and there in one of the numerous restaurants in and around the capital.


Cycling through nature, the exercise in the fresh air, take a deep breath – who doesn’t find that relaxing? Cycling may seem strenuous at first glance, but soon you will get used to the movement and cycling will also be a recreational activity for you! Compared to walking, cycling has a big advantage that your legs don’t get tired so quickly – it’s also very relaxing, isn’t it?


Enjoyment is a top priority when cycling. Drive along a dirt road, the horizon in view – pure freedom! More and more people are discovering the pleasure of cycling for themselves. Once you have overcome the fears of learning to ride a bike, you can indulge in the light-hearted feeling of riding a bike.

Rail Trails

The Importance of Rail Trails in America

Open spaces clear to roam are not easy to find in some places. Fortunately, the closing of railroad tracks in the United States and other parts of the world provide an open line of cleared paths for the public to travel. This makes the use of rail trails a great idea for active people. 

Old rail lines, long forgotten and unused are turned into relaxing spaces for biking, horseback riding, walking, or cycling. Trails are long flat strips of land that goes for miles through communities, tree-lined areas, and historical properties. 

The Rail to trail organization began in 1986 with David Burwell and Peter Harnik. Saving these historical trails was the intent of the Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act. 

Citizens donate money and effort into saving and developing rail trails for public use. This organization also provides pictures and maps of rail trails, so people have an easier time traveling from one trail to the next. 

Many cities are participating in the development of walking and biking tracks that provide a space for people to exercise. Visitors travel from every facet of the country people use rail trails to enjoy the beauty of the countryside. 

Cities without this facility are working to develop them. The United States has a federal infrastructure bill and transportation bills that bring rail trails to the front of public attention. 

Easy Spaces to Revamp: 
Rail trails are already available and ready for use. They will accommodate a large number of people, and the trails are up to continuous use. Directions are set with trails already mapped out. Trail networks link together across the nation benefiting millions spending time in the out of doors. 

Ride along trails by bike or walk. Stop and look at the sites when you wish. This is difficult to manage when riding in other modes of transportation. These trails turn a leisurely afternoon into a real adventure. Active people are healthier, and trails are an innovative way to get as many people moving as possible. Help your body function better with a great exercise routine in a great environment. 

Rail trails flow through the city and through the countryside. They are already mapped out, so the cost to the community is minimal. The Great Allegheny Passage has the honor of being one of the initial trails to be inducted into the “Rail trail hall of Fame” (RTC). 

Trails make moving through historic districts easy without conventional transportation. Bicycles, scooters, and foot traffic allows users to stop and picnic or casually walk with friends, a great way to enjoy the community environment. The output of funding does not distract from other neighborhood projects. 

There are at least 200 rail trails in the United States 

Trail Example
Longest Trails in the United States:

  • Cowboy Trail-Nebraska- 219 miles
  • Katy Trail State Park-Missouri-240 miles
  • Soo Line Trail-Northern Route- Minnesota 148 miles
  • John Wayne Pioneer Trail- Washington-229 miles

Conservation/ Environment: 
Using these spaces conserves the environment and lets the community enjoy the beauty of the area. Everyone can travel along these pathways. Pick a spot and travel the rails, I mean trails, Fred Meijer-Michigan, Robins Run Rail Trail- Pennsylvania (Oldest in the US), Hiawatha trail Milwaukee and Creeper or Capital Trail-Virginia. If you love getting seeing the fall foliage, a rail trail is a wonderful way to watch nature change colors. 

People using the trails bring a boost to the area’s economy. Businesses grow, or new groups become interested and relocate to the vicinity. 

Historic Preservation: 
Make an effort to enjoy trails in as many countries as possible. Trails are often in historical areas. Since railways were built historically in the beginning era of the country, the scenery, and location are most likely of very important historical spaces. 

Some lines swing through many picturesque areas of the community. A few trails offer sights of covered bridges, antique shops, and quaint cafes. Some places have rest stops and facilities. 

Searching for fabulous places to spend relaxation time is easier when there are rail trails in the neighborhood close to your home. This is one of the most affordable ways to exercise while getting out with friends and family. Bring your bike or walking shoes and prepare for spectacular scenery. 

Some of the Oldest Rail-Trails: 

  • Historical Railroad Tunnel Trail-Nevada
  • The D&L Trail-Pennsylvania
  • History Rail Trail County Park-Pennsylvania
  • East Bay Bike Path- Rhode Island
  • Schuylkill River Trail-Pennsylvania
  • White River Trail- Nebraska
  • Katy Trail State Park-Missouri
  • Blue River rail Trail-Kansas
  • Piscataquis Trail-New Hampshire
  • Historic Battlefield Trails-Texas

If circling the globe, check out trails in England, Bermuda, Australia, and New Zealand. There are other countries too with scenic trails to ride or walk. The extensive group of trails around the globe is awesome. Savor the beauty of the landscape while seeing environments impossible by car. 

Trails around the World: 
Rail Trail Spain
The Ruta del Carrilet is practically hill free, which makes it easy to ride or walk. It has everything you might imagine on a rail line, bridges, lakes, and old towns. The Via Verde del Tajuna is paved and runs on the outer area of Madrid; the country has many other rail trails. 

United Kingdom: 
Travel Downs Link in West Sussex/Surrey, The Camel Trail, or the 26 miles of Horn Sea Rail Trail in East Riding of Yorkshire. 

The Great Victorian Rail Trail- This trail moves through over 15 towns and covers 134 kilometers, no traffic- places to stay-small- close to suburbs but still close to nature, art, and local culture. 

The path along Singapore’s rail trail gives visitors a true view of nature. Walk this track line and enjoy a cluster of foliage that rustles through two countries. 

Whether your interest is beauty, history, or pure exercise, the long list of rail trails has something to accommodate everyone. In the past rail was king, therefore rails run all over the United States, although a few have become lost. However, many are being restored, these paths and great for getting out and traveling without the problem of facing traffic. 

One of these trails is the Yellowstone’s forgotten trails. This is one of the harder trails. However, most are renovated and ready for travel. So, pick your state or country and get moving.

Outdoor Recreation

Physical, Intellectual and Social Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

How do you feel when you spend time engaging in an outdoor activity? Engaging and fun right? Even if you are on a busy schedule as you struggle with your career, it is recommended that you create some time to relax, away from work-related stress. There is no better way to take advantage of this time than engaging in your favorite outdoor activity and if you don’t have one, adopt the many available. You might be a sports enthusiast, hiker or enjoy surfing. Other than enjoying the new and refreshing atmosphere, the outdoor activities positively improve your health keeping you mentally and physically fit.

Let’s Get Physical

Based on data from the Center for Disease Control, adults engage in roughly seventy-five minutes of actual physical or aerobic activity daily. Majority of individuals resort to the gym for any physical activity. However, you might not be a gym person, and it would be great to seek some adventurous action to engage you still physically. This is mostly for the faint-hearted – people that need some motivation to get physical. It isn’t necessary for you to utilize equipment to attain the desired physical activity. The ultimate solution is to go outdoors and get creative. Without you even realizing it, you are exposing your body to better health. Other than increasing your endurance level, you lower your blood pressure by cutting down on your calories and strengthen your heart. You also attain a better muscular structure and a stronger immune system.

Connect with Your Friends

If you desire your outdoor activity to be more fun, then engaging with a friend would offer you the time of your life. Sporting activities like football and basketball require a team to play. This is an excellent opportunity to establish a new connection with people that you meet at your outdoor activity. You get the chance of bonding with like-minded individuals. There is also reliable evidence that states outdoor activities improve the social qualities of a young individual who are at risk of disengagement from the society due to anti-social behavior. If you don’t expose your young ones to the world, what other way do you expect them to adapt to the challenges of the real world? Outdoor adventurous experiences offer the young population the opportunity to get to know the appropriate manner to manage themselves in a risky environment. The social encounter boosts the esteem of participants of the outdoor events as they are capable of confidently interacting with other people to produce lasting relationships.

Mental Benefits

Considering an outdoor activity is your opportunity to relax your body, mind, and soul, studies have shown that the people that engage in such activities have better sleeping patterns. This means better productivity as a relaxed mind is more creative. Some people also receive motivation from the experiences they acquire while enjoying the outdoor ambiance. It leaves them rejuvenated once they return to their normal routines. If you are depressed, then the outdoor environment can relieve your stress. Maybe you just need some time off your busy schedule and allow your body to recover.

The numerous advantages of outdoor activities are easy to acquire and are free. Why not take advantage of the natural environment and improve your health?

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