February 2013

New Hope Railway Gets Steam Locomotive

The New Hope Railway, a small line operated by hobbyists southwest of Apex NC, has recently acquired an 85 year old steam locomotive from a group in Georgia. In earlier times the New Hope line provided freight service to Duncan, NC and to Durham via the corridor on which the American Tobacco Trail (ATT) now operates. The New Hope Railway offers short rides on its trains seasonally and is located only a few miles from the southern end of the ATT. A recent article in the Cary News tells more on the group's mission and latest acquisition.

New Rail-Trail in Atlanta Really Popular with Neighborhood Users

A recent article from the New York Times provides an interesting look at the positive reactions of citizens in a large metro area to a new rail-trail that promises to offer better connections to local transit as well as recreational opportunities and direct links to local parks. Two miles of trail opened recently and will be part of a long-term network that has been planned for over eight years. An earlier NCRT News article outlined the goals of this project.