So, Rail Trails are frequently used by cyclists who enjoy the smooth path. They know something you might not be aware of: The numerous benefits of cycling. Let’s dive right into the 10 most important ones.


Cycling keeps you fit! If you ride your bike for one hour at a speed of 10 to 15 mph, your body consumes a whopping 500 calories! Especially the legs and bottom are happy about the training, but also the general well-being of the body and the endurance are increased by cycling. If you cycle to work, school or university every day, you can almost save the rest of the sports programme.


Waiting for the bus? Squeezing in the subway? Such inconveniences are a thing of the past with the use of the bicycle! With the bicycle, you are completely independent of these annoying everyday complaints. In addition, you can make your way through any traffic jam. With the right rainwear, you are even independent of wind and weather.

Favorable alternative

If you have to keep an eye on your wallet, there should be nothing closer than to get on your bike. The car has many costs: depreciation, taxes, insurance, several tank loads and repairs. The use of public transport will also tear a hole in your wallet over time. Cycling, on the other hand, is completely free except for the purchase and rare maintenance costs of the vehicle!

No annoying waiting times

The waiting for bus and train is over! And even annoying traffic jams can be gallantly avoided by bike. There is probably no more maneuverable vehicle to cheat its way through the dense city traffic. While others let the blockages in traffic take their last nerve away, you simply get on your bike and find your way through the turmoil. Even a voluntary detour is fun!

Environmental friendliness

Are you concerned about the environment? Cycling is a milestone on the way to climate-conscious behavior. Leave the car and get on your bike! In this way, you can make an active contribution – in the truest sense of the word – to an environmentally friendly life. emissions that you normally cause are thus reduced many times over!


Fields, meadows, and forests are just waiting to be explored by bike! There is a lot of nature in and around Berlin that you may never have seen before. Who knows what you’re missing?! Anyone who leaves the usual paths quickly finds out that there are a lot of new things to discover. That brings us to the next point:

Discover new things

On a bicycle, you suddenly perceive the apparently familiar surroundings in a completely new way. So you can get to know new things in the most famous corners of the city all at once. The big buzzwords here are perspective and speed: those who travel too fast, for example by car, miss out on the most beautiful sides of the surroundings. The all-round view on the bike also offers a special view. The following applies: The path is the goal!


Cycling is – as soon as it is properly learned – simply fun! Many people have found a new hobby in cycling. Cycling has been back in vogue for several years! A bike tour on a sunny Sunday will convince you: Then there are flocks of cyclists who enjoy the beautiful weather and stop here and there in one of the numerous restaurants in and around the capital.


Cycling through nature, the exercise in the fresh air, take a deep breath – who doesn’t find that relaxing? Cycling may seem strenuous at first glance, but soon you will get used to the movement and cycling will also be a recreational activity for you! Compared to walking, cycling has a big advantage that your legs don’t get tired so quickly – it’s also very relaxing, isn’t it?


Enjoyment is a top priority when cycling. Drive along a dirt road, the horizon in view – pure freedom! More and more people are discovering the pleasure of cycling for themselves. Once you have overcome the fears of learning to ride a bike, you can indulge in the light-hearted feeling of riding a bike.