Part 3 of our series “Benefits of …” is now live. This time we will discover the health benefits of rowing. What makes it one of the best cardio exercises overall? All the answers in this quick guide for starters.

Rowing Basics

The strengths of rowing machine training have been known for some time: With this machine, an effective whole body training is possible, which makes you fit from the shoulder/neck area up to the toes! If you want to kill your bacon rolls, you should accelerate on the rowing machine! Even as a beginner it is possible to burn a lot of calories. reports that depending on the intensity of the workout, you can burn between 500- 1000 calories per hour of training on the rowing machine. So you don’t have to be a top athlete to be able to use this machine effectively for yourself.

But what makes the rowing machine training so special? Clearly – with this ergometer, the different muscle groups really get going! Almost the entire musculature is strained and demanded at the same time: Arms, legs, torso, and back must show what they’re made of. With a single movement with the rowing machine, almost the entire muscle mass of the body is stressed. In this way, your strength, endurance, and metabolism are optimized. Your cardiovascular system is also kept on the go – no other ergometer is as versatile as the rowing machine! But you need to know how to get the most out of the rowing machine

The right technique on the rowing machine needs to be learned

Correct movement is very important to prevent damage and to train in a healthy way. The more often you train with the rowing machine, the better your feeling for the general movement sequence. If you pay attention to basic details, nothing can go wrong in your training sessions.

The most important thing is to work with both arms and legs on the rowing machine. Many beginners draw their strength primarily from their arms and neglect their legs. In order to get rid of fat reserves at the buttocks and thighs, however, it is recommended that the legs are also strongly included in the trains. That’s where the strongest muscles work. The hull should always be tensioned on the individual trains – this improves the power transmission and prevents a so-called hunched back. In this way, the spine is spared and back pain is prevented. Otherwise: chest out, shoulder blades together, elbows close to the body so that forearms are horizontal. Lean your upper body slightly backward to extend the pull.

In short, start from the legs, stabilize the upper body and only bend your arms at the end. A clean technique is a basis for a long-term intensive training with the rowing machine.

It is good if you have the possibility to train in front of a big mirror in order to notice possible incorrect postures in time. If you decide to row, please make sure you are choosing a rowing machine with air or water resistance. According to the resistance type is a determining factor of the quality of a rowing machine. It also affects the feel of the rowing stroke. While air or water resistance feels natural and smooth, hydraulic or magnetic resistance machines can distribute force unevenly.

Training with the rowing machine

If you are still untrained on the rowing machine, start with slow, targeted strokes. Loose units in which you make only five minutes slow moves and a break of about two minutes are a recommended guideline. Then increase the units from training to training and increase the speed of the rowing movements. Try to keep the increase at a constant level until you continue with the next stage. This way your body can get used to the straining step by step. The rowing machine offers a mix of long, moderate units and shorter, harder interval loads. The result is an optimal mixture of fat burning and performance enhancement. So that your body can recover sufficiently after intensive training on the rowing machine, you should treat yourself to a day’s rest between the sports units. Thus you are quickly fit again to be able to steel your body further!

Wrapping it up

If you are looking for an alternative to cycling and running, rowing might be for you. While it can not be performed on one of our trails, chances are that there is a suitable lake nearby. If you want to perform your rowing training during winter, too, you will need to do it on a rowing machine. Whether you buy a rowing machine for your home or don’t shy away from regularly hitting the gym, the health benefits will be rewarding and worth your effort.

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