Jacksonville-Camp LeJeune Rail-to-Trails

The Jacksonville-Camp LeJeune Rail-to-Trails path extends along abandoned rail beds from the Marine Corps base at Camp LeJeune (Midway Park area) 5.2 miles northwest to Marine Boulevard in Jacksonville. The plan is to make the rail-trail part of a 172-mile network of pedestrian paths that will link with a number of notable Jacksonville sights, including Riverwalk Crossing Park and the Beirut Memorial.  

The trail to the Beirut Memorial is scheduled to begin construction in 2013-2014. Parking is available on Onslow Drive between US 17/Marine Blvd. and Eastwood Drive. You can also park off Bell Fork Rd near where it intersects with the US 17 Bypass (northwest of the Bypass). For more information, contact Onslow County Parks at 910-938-5313.

For more information about parking at the Marine base, contact Camp LeJeune at 910-451-1113.

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