Toast to Trails!

Ride the ATT and sip the vino on May 17, 2014— at Cloer Family Vineyards

This bicycle ride boasts a 36-mile round trip ride on the American Tobacco Trail (ATT). The half-way point features a stop at Cloer Family Vineyards for lunch, music, and wine tasting. Sights along the way include the American Tobacco Campus, 17 miles along the ATT, and the new bike-ped bridge over I-40. This exclusive event is 95% off-road and is limited to 200 riders. Proceeds will benefit North Carolina Rail-Trails, the statewide organization advocating preservation of rail corridors and conversion to rail-trails. For more see our Facebook Page

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  • Check-in begins at 8:30 am at trail head on Blackwell St. near DBAP                                
  • Ride starts at 9:30 am
  •  Lunch, music and wine tasting 11 am- 12:30pm
  • Return to ATT Trailhead/Blackwell St by 2:30 pm.                                                         

Purchased wine will be driven back to the start for your convenience.                                             

Welcome to NC Rail-Trails!

 North Carolina Rail-Trails works with communities across North Carolina to create trails for public use on abandoned rail corridors.

Rail-trails differ from other trails and greenways in several characteristics. The terrain for rail-trails is generally flat or gently sloped because the land was originally engineered for rail use. This makes rail-trails wonderful places to ride a bike and many are wheelchair accessible. Also, rail corridors are usually wide enough to accommodate many different types of trail use: biking, walking, jogging, horseback riding, dog walking, pogo-sticking … you get the idea.

Another positive attribute of a rail-trail is that it actually goes somewhere. Just as trains went from one community to the next, so does the rail-trail, creating a natural link between communities. Today, we can maintain these community links by utilizing existing rail corridors that are so perfectly suited for trails.

Does your community have an abandoned railroad? Would you like to have a safe place to play and exercise while preserving your community’s train heritage? Please contact NCRT if you would like us to help you create a rail-trail in your area.

posted by curt on March 28, 2014

On March 25th a group consisting of trail advocates, Durham Police, Parks & Rec staff, pastors, planners and others concerned with trail safety met at North Carolina Central Univ. to kick off a several month study of the views and perceptions of trail crime on portions of the ATT. This study is a partnership between North Carolina Rail-Trails, Dr. Kofi Boone of  North Carolina State and Dr. Deborah Bailey of North Carolina Central University. These researchers  will be leading teams of grad students in conducting interviews, public meetings and collecting survey data via questionnaires. Funding for the study was provided by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.  We'll post any early findings here on our site over the next few months. The study is scheduled to be completed by November 2014. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!

For more on this initial meeting please see this article from WUNC radio


posted by curt on February 13, 2014

A February 2014 article takes an in-depth look at the process of planning a rail-trail in Fall River Massachussetts including the varying reactions to the plan by members of the community and follow-ups with users after it was built.  NCRT Exec. Director Carrie Banks contributed to this interesting piece.

posted by curt on January 9, 2014

Last month we were notified of the approval of a grant from the State Trails Program to support construction of the 1.5 mile extension of the Dunn-Erwin rail-trail. Please see our new map showing the route over to the Cape Fear River. City of Erwin staff have signed off on the related contract and we expect that development will begin quite soon. No firm schedule has been set for major milestones or completion but interest is high for this project and we expect to see work getting underway this Winter. We'll update you on the project in the next few months. For more on the project please see our January 2012 article.

posted by curt on December 16, 2013

Our latest newsletter has just been posted and contains updates on the future Dunn-Erwin expansion, the Peavine trail in Marion, work by the Elkin Valley Trail Association to raise funds and actually start building a trail, some news on the recent grants NCRT has been involved in as well as a report of the opening event for the final phase of the American Tobacco Trail. Members who have opted to receive a hard copy version should be receiving it later this month.

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