April 2012

UPDATE--Construction of Final Segment of American Tobacco Trail Set to Start on June 11th

In early April Durham's City Council approved the $7.7 million Phase E contract with Blythe Construction of Charlotte. This will provide 10' of asphalt paving for the southern 4 miles of the ATT in Durham and construct a bicycle and pedestrian bridge which will span I-40. We also understand it will include a dual surface section from the Chatham County line to Scott-King Road. Durham has not released a specific schedule for the project but has previously indicated that construction would take ~13 months from the actual start of work. In late May, Durham announced that construction will start on June 11th.  Please see a recent Herald-Sun article for more on the project. Public meetings to outline construction plans and the impacts on trail users during construction were held on May 14th, 15th and 17th. To keep up with schedules, trail closure dates,  and progress on the project check the Public Works Department's website periodically.