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Pre-registration for 2013 Ales for Rails-Trails 5K Opens August 1st

This 5K event will be held on Sunday October 13th at 4pm, with start and finsh near the FullSteam Brewery on Madison Street in Durham.  Registration through September 30th will be $25, and $30 from October 1-13. Please see our Ales Events page and our Facebook page for more on our third annual 5K race.

Kick-Off meeting of Study of Crime Perceptions Held on March 25th

On March 25th a group consisting of trail advocates, Durham Police, Parks & Rec staff, pastors, planners and others concerned with trail safety met at North Carolina Central Univ. to kick off a several month study of the views and perceptions of trail crime on portions of the ATT. This study is a partnership between North Carolina Rail-Trails, Dr. Kofi Boone of  North Carolina State and Dr. Deborah Bailey of North Carolina Central University. These researchers  will be leading teams of grad students in conducting interviews, public meetings and collecting survey data via questionnaires. Funding for the study was provided by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.  We'll post any early findings here on our site over the next few months. The study is scheduled to be completed by November 2014. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!

For more on this initial meeting please see this article from WUNC radio


Rail-Trails Can Transform an Area

A February 2014 article takes an in-depth look at the process of planning a rail-trail in Fall River Massachussetts including the varying reactions to the plan by members of the community and follow-ups with users after it was built.  NCRT Exec. Director Carrie Banks contributed to this interesting piece.

Great News on Future Extension of Dunn-Erwin Trail

Last month we were notified of the approval of a grant from the State Trails Program to support construction of the 1.5 mile extension of the Dunn-Erwin rail-trail. Please see our new map showing the route over to the Cape Fear River. City of Erwin staff have signed off on the related contract and we expect that development will begin quite soon. No firm schedule has been set for major milestones or completion but interest is high for this project and we expect to see work getting underway this Winter. We'll update you on the project in the next few months. For more on the project please see our January 2012 article.

Winter 2013 Newsletter Available Online

Our latest newsletter has just been posted and contains updates on the future Dunn-Erwin expansion, the Peavine trail in Marion, work by the Elkin Valley Trail Association to raise funds and actually start building a trail, some news on the recent grants NCRT has been involved in as well as a report of the opening event for the final phase of the American Tobacco Trail. Members who have opted to receive a hard copy version should be receiving it later this month.

Rails-with-Trails Report Released

A September 2013 report available on-line from the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) presents a thorough discussion and presentation of the characteristics of RWTs in 88 existing rails-with-trails in 33 states, based on a survey of trail managers and the results of RTC’s ongoing study. It provides a collection of data, examples and practical tools to assist trail planners and advocates in increasing awareness of the rail-with-trail concept, and advancing local and state policies and practices that support rail-with-trail development. This report is usable on several levels--besides the numerous tables and analyses the report contains numerous images of  trail users enjoying these trails. Currently North Carolina has three RWTs:

Elkin & Allegheny Rail-Trail Making Great Progress

Over the past year the Elkin Valley Trail Association (EVTA) has held a number of fund raising and trail work day events. EVTA has gained many supporters and has pulled together funding for a footbridge to span Elkin Creek north of downtown Elkin. This will constitute a key part of Phase 1 for this rail-trail. Current plans call for this footbridge to be in place by the end of 2013. Phase 2 of this trail will extend past the Elkin Reservoir, connect with mountain bike loops near the Reservoir and finally connect with trails in Wilkes County that will ultimately connect with trails at Stone Mountain State Park. A late August article in the Elkin Tribune describes some recent activities on this trail. They have even written a book about the trail corridor.  For more on the EVTA and upcoming events please see their website.

Study to firm up plans for Charlotte Rail Trail

A $100,000 study will help determine the detailed plans for the proposed 3.3-mile Charlotte Rail Trail that would tie South End to uptown. The City and Mecklenburg County will each contribute $30,000, and Charlotte Center City Partners will cover the remaining $40,000. The plan for the “linear park,” which would run adjacent to the Lynx light-rail system, was announced by Center City Partners in April. For more on this very promising development please see the 8/26 Charlotte Observer article.

Read more here:

Transportation Alternatives Program in Danger

Contact our Senators and ask them to vote NO on Senate Amendment 1742 to Senate Bill 1243. Trail money is hard to come by and this could be disastrous for trails. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is planning to offer an amendment – Senate Amendment 1742 -- to the Transportation Appropriations bill (Senate Bill 1243) to transfer all funding from the Transportation Alternatives Program to pay for bridge repairs instead. The Transportation Alternatives Program includes all the funding for the Recreational Trails Program, a vital trails program in NC. It doesn't take long...will you help?   --See the link below

U.S. Senate Home Page:

Late August Update: No action has been taken by the Senate on Senate Amendment 1742On August 1st, just prior to Congress' Summer recess, a cloture motion on S. 1243 was rejected 54-43 (60 votes FOR were required) so S.1243 is still alive and more debate is allowed before a vote is taken on this Bill. The Senate recovenes on September 9th.